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So now lemme type up what I think about Clark Gregg's movie adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk's book Choke with Sam Rockwell and Angelica Huston a movie that's like watching The Savages but with rampant sex and a mindfuck of a twist in the end.

Trailers: Revolutionary Road - the first time I've seen it in a theater, it works really cool cuz you noticed alot of details in that you can't see at a monitor at home. The best part were that two girls literally gasped when they saw Leo and Kate on screen, I LOL'd.
Zack and Miri Make a Porno - I need to see this, I'm sorry, this movie is fucking hysterical in every way. Why Kevin Smith, whyyyyyy?!?!!
Quantum of Solace - I still hate the title, but I am seeing it the first day.
RocknRolla - Holy shit this trailer is hysterical, who knew Gerard Butler could be so funny? I refuse to watch 'cuz Rocco Ritchie's father can't direct his way out of a nutsac, but the trailer amused me enough.
Synecdoche, New York - I don't know what to make of this movie, a part of me really wants to see it, but I just have a strange feeling it's going to be TOO weird, even though it's from Charlie Kaufmann. I'll probably see it and then hate myself afterwards.
Milk - same trailer I've seen before and just... no.
Notorious - a biopic of the Notorious B. I. G. Really?? why?!?!

So Choke is a movie about Victor Mancini (Sam Rockwell) who's a sex addict who goes to group sex addiction therapy to... well... fuck other sex addicts.
It's funny, trust me... the intro scenes had me pissing myself laughing.
Victor also has an ailing mother (played with fucking eerie talent by Anjelica Huston) in a mental hospital. She doesn't even know it's his son who comes and visits her, but rather some lawyer, and she always talks about how her son never sees her.
The hospital is also a place Victor "cures" his sex addiction... that is until she meets her mother's doctor, Paige Marshall (Kelly Macdonald - who again, hot, but talentless)

To go further would kill the fun so I'll leave it at that.
But lemme just say, if the best actor category at this year's oscars is as sparse as what people say (Frank Langella vs. Mickey Rourke vs. Sean Penn vs. Benicio DelToro vs... ??? - sorry Leo, I'm not counting you in this race), then someone should give Sam Rockwell a shot at the gold man.
His performance is spot on brilliant in this movie.
It's the hapless loser role that I've seen 100 times already, but this one's cruel twist of an ending gave it some heart.
A perfectly balanced role that I can't see anyone else doing a better job.
At least he'll get an Independent Spirit nom for sure.

The one I do think better get a fucking nomination is Anjelica Huston.
God that woman scares me sometimes and there are scenes in this movie that are so damn GOOD that you just cannot look away when they go to a flashback or when they show her in present day (credit to Clark Gregg for using her in both sequences).
She's so callous and acid-tongued yet also conveys moments of extreme sadness that it's amazing that it's the same person throughout the movie.
A perfect performance that seriously needs to be recognized.

As for Clark Gregg's writing/directing. The writing gets more props than the directing, but that's probably due to the book it's based on. The directing is standard, except for the occasional flashback or quick clip speeding through the scene (you'll see when you see the film). The writing gets moar props for being very precise in its point to getting the story across.

I'm going to hate parts of this movie after analyzing it a bit more, so I'm giving this a... Donella
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