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Since we'll be doing reviews at the Spermish, I might as well post the review system smerdle and I conjured up a few years ago.

This review system we made was basically a different (and in my opinion) better way to review our stuff.
Two thumbs up? - FUCK THAT SHIT.
Four stars? - EAT SHIT AND DIE!

So we made The Fargo - a review system that rates how well or how bad something is.

So when we do reviews here (or at least when I do 'em) this will be your reference for the grade we give.

Please note the absence of SA Booklyn since we did this a few years ago, so you're spared any more musings about the sick boy (who's apparently still sick, JESUS FUCK LYNCH TAKE SOME FUCKING MEDICINE)

Kassir - Anything that is labeled this made us go into a tantric orgasm of delight. In other words, whichever gets this high honor is labeled the best of the best. Multiple viewings/listenings/readings is definitely done till it reaches ad-nausea and/or complete and utter euphoria.

Donella - This is the second highest rating. Donellas are things we really like but after some analyzing here and there, we realize that certain parts didn't live up to expectations

McAdams - McAdams are those that we just go "Eh," for afterward. It wasn't THAT good but it didn't suck either. It's a neutral stance and we leave it up to you to make the final decision.

Paquin - these are just plain bad in every way. Paquins are the ones not worth your money or your time

Connick - "FUCKING SUCKED SHIT!" We usually say this after a Connick. These gave us the feeling that it took away time from our lives that we want desperately back. Be warned - we curse like hell for anything deemed a Connick.
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